Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group is guiding the unfolding of TransArts Alliance. We have lots of big ideas for the future and our advisors will help shape our direction.

The TransArts Alliance Advisory Group

Felicity Chapman is a proud Wiradjuri woman who is passionate about building strong, sustainable and inclusive rural, remote and regional communities. She has over 25 years working with micro to medium businesses developing and implementing simple administration and bookkeeping systems, researching new markets and opportunities for income diversification. Through her experience with NGOs, she has improved governance compliance, secured funding to enable completion of projects – covering soft & hard infrastructure, education and participation initiatives throughout regional Queensland. Felicity is also a qualified natural therapist who supports women to gain and maintain reproductive health whilst teaching them how to build self-confidence and resilience.

Ilka Blue Nelson is a Creative Ecologist currently based in Brisbane, Queensland. She has a Masters of Arts and her studio, Latorica (, offers communication projects and creative expeditions to help people connect with the complexity of our greater ecology. Ilka’s background is in arts & sustainability communications working in a transdisciplinary capacity with Government, Industry, Academia, NGO’s and the community sector. Ilka is connected to a wide range of Indigenous, arts based and earth centered projects; she is the Curator of Earth Arts for the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (

Josiah Jordan started his career as an aerospace engineer, designing and building a space-bound solar imaging camera at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder, Colorado. After 3 years in aerospace he switched paths to software development, creating virtual aircraft configuration software for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Moving to New Zealand in 2009, he most recently was focused on creating cloud-based scalable render farms and a rich web application platform for the Internet of Things space. He now owns and operate Lobaki, a company specializing in teaching VR development to at-risk youth, and creating commercial VR experiences. In his spare time he collaborates on artistic projects, with a focus on DNA music and VR experiences.

Kate Genevieve Vega is an artist and researcher at C H R Θ M A . Her projects explore the flexible relationship between the physical and the virtual, the real world and imagined ones. The work brings experimental performance together with immersive and interactive technologies, so that the audience’s perception, bodies and movement become a vital part of the action. C H R Θ M A was formed to creatively explore and question the implications technology and science have on how we understand ourselves as humans in the ecosphere. Inspired by cybernetics and ecological thinking, C H R Θ M A projects collaborate across disciplines, bringing in diverse perspectives from dance to architecture, magic to neuroscience, anthropology to physics. Kate is working on a practice-based PHD at Sussex University, with supervision at the Media School and the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science. Her research uses virtual reality and immersive environments to investigate multi-sensory experience, embodiment and non-verbal means of communication. Kate lectures on digital art, creative media and animation at the Universities of Sussex and Brighton.

Linda Carroli is an urban planner, consultant and writer. She has worked in industry and higher education on diverse research, planning, consultation, editing and writing projects for academic, creative industries, urban development, economic development and social sustainability initiatives. As an internationally published cultural journalist and award winning writer, she received several Federal and State government grants. She has worked across print, broadcast and digital media. With an extensive publishing record and several editorial roles, she publishes in a range of media and contexts both nationally and internationally. At QUT, she is working as a Sessional Academic Success (SAS) Advisor with the School of Design as part of the SAS Program developed by QUT Learning and Teaching Unit as well as a research assistant. She is also a sessional academic with the School of Design and has worked on several research and publishing projects including two volumes of International Seminar on Urban Form conference proceedings. Linda has completed studies in communication, history, stakeholder engagement and urban planning as well as Academic Development programs at QUT. She is currently working on a PhD examining sustainable socio-technical transitions, regional planning and infrastructure systems in Queensland.

Thomas Dick is the producer of two award winning documentary films: Lon Marum and Vanuatu Water Women’s Music. He spent a decade living and working in Vanuatu where he nurtured the legendary Fest’Napuan music festival from a two-day event to the five-day odyssey it is today – the biggest free music festival in the Pacific! He is also associate producer on the Yamani: Voices from an Ancient Land film, produced with the Queensland Indigenous Languages Advisory Committee which is currently screening on the Qantas in-flight entertainment system. Tom is also an experienced international researcher, project manager and development professional, specialising in partnership development, program design, and project management. He has a nuanced appreciation of work that deepens the practice of democracy in majority world countries. Tom has been involved in large-scale grant-based programs throughout the Asia Pacific working on “demand-side governance” and the interface of media, arts and bio-cultural diversity. Tom is currently completing his PhD on the intersection of traditional wisdom, art, and commerce in Vanuatu.