There are a number of small organisations across Oceania with shared values. These organisations are based in Australia, Vanuatu and New Zealand and have a role that is multi-focal, exploring the interconnected themes of technology, arts, science and Indigenous knowledge. These are organisations that are already ‘networked’ with each other, with key people working across a number of the organisations. Each organisation has its specific strengths, usually related to its location and its existing partnerships. Many of these strengths could be scaled and leveraged for the benefit of all parties.

By working in partnership with key organisations and individuals TransArts Alliance (TA) will develop collaborative projects and events on interconnected themes.

The purpose of creating the TA is to maximise opportunities for collaboration through residencies, public art projects and other suitable events. The partners to the TA acknowledge that collectively we have better capacity to build and expand existing programs that are currently managed through individual organisations.

Core Values
The TA has been formed to leverage and build collective awareness of a number of core values:

  • The importance of a sustainable planet
  • The importance of social justice and equity
  • The importance of building knowledge across cultures and disciplines to deepen the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things
  • The importance of maintaining and strengthening Indigenous knowledge and language
  • The importance of collaboration through transdisciplinary programs and projects
  • The importance of building community awareness locally and internationally
  • The importance of using technology to support skills sharing, creativity and social equity and environmental justice


Any programs developed under the TA umbrella would promote all contributing individuals and  organisations – increasing brand awareness.

The opportunity for transdisciplinary forms of collaboration through coordinated projects.

Greater social, cultural, creative and environmental outcomes through building collective awareness of diverse forms of knowledge.

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